Monday, June 13, 2011

work resumes

work on Battle Galaxy will resume. Starting this week, I will be spending 6 hours a week on the project, and hopefully others from Chief Atahm School will be able to help out with the production.

Episode one is watch-able... barely, but it is. It has a very copyright-infringed soundtrack, and there are only two actors... one of them is a woman playing all the men, and the other is me, who does not speak the language fluently. Which is why i'm not yet sharing it. When the soundtrack is pieced together in a better way, and I smooth out some of the areas where the animation needs work, I will post it here.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

returning to work on the project

I have decided to put my own time into advancing this project. I rendered a test episode 1, but am not happy with the results. It was intended to attract interest, but I have not gone out to find any funding as of yet. The soundtrack has not yet been completed for this test episode, and I'm not sure how we'll be sharing it, so I won't post it here yet.
But, expect updates here soon.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new youtube render

I purchased some mocap files, and I think they'll improve the outcome of our fight scenes. Here is an example.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Main Character Render

Here is a shot of the main character... he will be made to look more manly when we put some proper clothing on him. For the time being, we are painting his outfit on, and will need time to improve our methods.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

More up to date update

I am quite pleased with where things are right now, and excited to finally be seeing some results.

I have much of the rendering completed for a lot of the show, and am mostly ready to start sync'ing it to the soundtrack. That is the most exciting development. The only missing visual elements are the animated fight scenes, and I will probably want to animate the mouths during speech eventually as well, because at the moment close-ups are simple still renders.

Sekwaw Matthew, the assistant, dressed up all the characters. That was awesome, because texture-less characters would not have looked as good. We will spend more time on the textures in the future, pending additional funding, but for now I think we have done well.

It's mostly up the the soundtrack now. The rough soundtrack is recorded, and the better soundtrack is on the way, but was not included in the current funding. After this contract, I will be volunteering time to make the soundtrack, and get it perfect.

When I sequence some of the shots, I'll share a little bit of the show, perhaps. Maybe make a little trailer for it, if I have time.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Progress Update

This is an update for people with a serious interest in an exact state of our affairs. I'm posting it here, in case one such person stumbles upon our site.

Progress as of November 19th

During the previous 2 weeks, working on the Battle Galaxy project, I had: designed all of the characters we will use in the rough edit of episode 1. We have designed all the environments in which the scenes of the movie will be shot. We have also created a more detailed storyboard to replace the previous one that did not include enough details about the shots. We have also begun trying to gather the actors we will need for recording a soundtrack in Secwepemctsin. During the 2 weeks prior to that, I spent around 70 hours reading documentation and tutorials on the tools the project will be using. I have also prepared a computer with enough available resources as the project will need.

Tools for the project:
Three main tools have been, and will continue to be employed to accomplish this project. For the creatino of detailed high-poly main characters, I have used software called Makehuman, which is available under open-source licensing at their website: The GNU licensed, Gimp image editor is used for editing the 2d images for battle galaxy. All animation and other character modelling was and will be accomplished using the open-sourced application, Blender 3D. I will provide detailed documentation on the use of these applications for others interested in this kind of project.

List of what was completed as of November 18th 2010

-6 episodes scripted in English
-episode 1 translated
-rough design of all characters in episode 1 and 2
-one employee trained in 3D animation
-4 out of 84 storyboard elements posed for rough animation
-armatures applied to most characters
-Some of the special effects have been designed, including:
- exploding star
- exploding planet
- light sword effect
- T'ulens te Kelc
- atmospheric design

List of final goals of this stage of the project that are still to be completed:

-final soundtrack for episode 1
-rough animation of storyboard elements for episode 1
-some visual effects
-some animated elements